Communication abroad is too expensive?
    We are making it affordable for everyone...


    With permanent “maritime number” you stay connected with family and closest people during trips.


    More than 170 countries
    Save till more than 95% of Roaming Charges
    Starter kit - 25 EUR


    Incoming calls - 0.06  or 0.00 Eur/min depends of chosen tariff plan
    Outgoing calls - 0.17 Eur/min
    SMS - 0.06 EUR
    GPRS - 0.06 Eur/1MB

    Activate "Internet package" and use the Internet at half the price!

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Latest news
Changes in packages

Dear Client!

Please be kindly informed, that  from 20.03.2019 service packages “Discount Bundle” and “Russia Discount Bundle” will be terminated.

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New rates were upgraded.

Dear clients, new rates came into force. You can download new rates or check them on our website.

Please be kindly informed,  that you always can check rates from SIM menu. 
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Rates changes

Rates changes for UAE and Iran!

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Rates changes

Dear Client!

We inform you about the amendments and additions to the Novikontas Connect existing tariffs, which come into force on 12.02.2015, as well as offer you 6 new destinations.

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The offer «Novikontas Connect is giving presents!» finished!

The results of the offer "Novikontas Connect giving presents!"

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SIM card Menu

SIM card Menu (SIM Menu) provides the possibility, which eases the using Service and gives extra information.

How to find SIM Menu in my phone?
Mobile phones brands:
  • Samsung: Menu-Applications-SIM Menu [Samsung (DUOS) SIM Menu is available for default SIM card only (default)]
  • LG: Menu-Tools-SIM Menu
  • Nokia: Menu-SIM Menu
  • Sony Ericsson: Menu Entertainment-SIM Menu
  • IO4 (IPhone): Menu-Settings-Phone-SIM application
  • Windows Mobile 6.5: START-SIM Menu
  • Blackberry: Menu-Setup-SIM Menu
  • Android: Programs-SIM Menu
  • Symbian: Menu-SIM Menu
How to check balance?

To check your SIM card balance, select Мenu > SIM Menu > Check balance . Your phone will automatically send an inquiry and after few seconds you will receive the information about the state of your SIM card balance.

There is another way to learn your SIM card balance: dial 099 and press the Call button.

Attention: with the SMS Mode switched on, checking SIM card balance by means of 099 code is not possible.

How to check cost of call?

To check the cost of the call to a particular number, select Мenu > SIM Menu > Check rate, enter the number of the subscriber the cost of call to whom you want to know in the Enter Destination Number field, and press ОK. After few seconds, your phone will display cost of call and will offer you to call the checked number Answer 1 to call.

How to send SMS?
To send a text message at a standard rate, follow the text message sending instructions in your mobile phone.

To send a text message at a reduced rate, select Menu > SIM Menu > Send SMS, enter the number of the subscriber to whom you want to send the text message in the Enter Destination Number field and press OK. Enter the text of your message in the Enter Message field and press OK. The text messages are received in the same way as in any other mobile phone, except for the following: you can only receive a text message if it has been sent to the number initially assigned to your SIM card at the moment of its purchase, which you have set as your main connection number. In the connection number list called via the SIM Menu, abbreviation SMS will always be added after your main connection number.

How to top up the balance using SIM Menu?

To top up your SIM card balance, select Мenu > SIM Menu > Add Airtime , then enter the purchased SIM card balance replenishment code into the Enter Recharge Code field. The Voucher (on amount 25 EUR) for replenishing you can buy in our office.

How to identify connection number?

To identify an assigned connection number, select Menu > SIM Menu > Show my numbers then press OK. In a few seconds your phone will display your assigned connection number (or a list of numbers if more connection numbers were assigned to you).

You may be assigned several connection numbers and they all will be associated with one SIM card. Due to that you have the option of choosing any of the connection numbers assigned to you and set it as the main one. The connection number set as the main number will be displayed for subscribers receiving your calls. To set a connection number as the main one, select Menu > SIM Menu > Show my numbers and press OK, and after a few seconds the list of connection numbers assigned to you will appear on the display. Press the function button on your mobile phone and on the next page of the menu enter the ordinal number of the connection number you want to set as the main number, then press again the same function key, then select SEND in the appearing menu and press once again the same function key. Message DONE appearing on the phone display means that the operation has been completed successfully.

First position in the list of the connection numbers is always occupied by the number currently set as the main connection number.

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