Communication abroad is too expensive?
    We are making it affordable for everyone...


    With permanent “maritime number” you stay connected with family and closest people during trips.


    More than 170 countries
    Save till more than 95% of Roaming Charges
    Starter kit - 25 EUR


    Incoming calls - 0.06  or 0.00 Eur/min depends of chosen tariff plan
    Outgoing calls - 0.17 Eur/min
    SMS - 0.06 EUR
    GPRS - 0.06 Eur/1MB

    Activate "Internet package" and use the Internet at half the price!

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Latest news
Changes in packages

Dear Client!

Please be kindly informed, that  from 20.03.2019 service packages “Discount Bundle” and “Russia Discount Bundle” will be terminated.

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New rates were upgraded.

Dear clients, new rates came into force. You can download new rates or check them on our website.

Please be kindly informed,  that you always can check rates from SIM menu. 
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Rates changes

Rates changes for UAE and Iran!

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Rates changes

Dear Client!

We inform you about the amendments and additions to the Novikontas Connect existing tariffs, which come into force on 12.02.2015, as well as offer you 6 new destinations.

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The offer «Novikontas Connect is giving presents!» finished!

The results of the offer "Novikontas Connect giving presents!"

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«Call me back»

In case you have run out of balance in your SIM card, the “Call Me Back” service lets you send a message to the subscriber of any mobile operator asking to call you back.

This service is free of charge and does not require a separate enabling or any additional configuration.

To ask a subscriber to call you back, simply dial the command *146*90*00 „country code”„phone number” # and press Call button. After that a notification saying that the message has been sent will appear on the display.

The subscriber, whom you are asking to call you back, will receive a text message in your name with the following text: “This subscriber has insufficient funds for a call. Please, call them back.”

Or your convenience, you can add the command *146*90*00 „country code” „phone number” # to your phonebook. If necessary, just select this record in your phonebook.

Note!The “Call Me Back” service can be used no more than 5 times in a consecutive period of 24 hours. This service works in case incoming calls are free of charge (for Tariff No.2)!

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