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Changes in packages

Dear Client!

Please be kindly informed, that  from 20.03.2019 service packages “Discount Bundle” and “Russia Discount Bundle” will be terminated.

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New rates were upgraded.

Dear clients, new rates came into force. You can download new rates or check them on our website.

Please be kindly informed,  that you always can check rates from SIM menu. 
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Rates changes

Rates changes for UAE and Iran!

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Rates changes

Dear Client!

We inform you about the amendments and additions to the Novikontas Connect existing tariffs, which come into force on 12.02.2015, as well as offer you 6 new destinations.

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The offer «Novikontas Connect is giving presents!» finished!

The results of the offer "Novikontas Connect giving presents!"

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Terms of use and the provision of services of international mobile communications «Novikontas Connect»

1. Definitions

* these terms with this interpretation are used for all services provided by SIA «Novikontas Connect», unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions

1.1. Operator - SIA "Novikontas Connect", hereinafter referred to as NC, registration number 40103313025, legal address – 17a Duntes street, Riga, LV-1005, Latvia, the company provides mobile services and distribution of prepaid cards mobile roaming «Novikontas Connect».

1.2. Subscriber - a natural or legal person who uses «Novikontas Connect» card.

1.3. «Novikontas Connect» card (hereinafter referred to as SIM card) - it is a prepaid card enabling to use the services of telecommunication services for the amount, which is paid to the card account in cash (prepayment), is an electronic device, which stores parameters of services available at using a SIM card, the data required for identification and authentication of the Subscriber's GSM network and allows the user to receive services provided by the Operator.

1.4. Connection number – SIM card phone number, which is assigned by the Subscriber.

1.5. Communication services - activities for receiving, processing, storage, transmission, delivery of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, via the communication network of the Operator. This term gives an idea about the basic services provided by the Operator, but does not limit them. Further, the term communication services refers to all services provided by the Operator using the SIM card.

1.6. Description of Services - publicly available information about the possibilities of using the services, tariffs and how to connect and disconnect services and other associated information.

1.7. Prepayment - money that is transferred to Subscriber SIM card's Balance, in addition to Subscribers’ SIM card balance in accordance with these Rules. It could be used during the SIM card activity time, which is set in accordance with these Rules.

1.8. SIM card nominal value – SIM card value of the price, which will be transferred to Balance of Subscribers’ SIM card, when SIM card will be activated. SIM cards can have different nominal value.

1.9. Bonus - additional funds, which are transferred to the balance of the Subscriber's SIM card on the initiative of the Operator, in accordance with the ongoing Operator marketing company and other actions, details which will be publicly available on the Site. Bonuses can be used to provide telecommunication services within the term of the SIM card and / or in accordance with the terms of conducting marketing and other promotions.

1.10. Novikontas Connect starter kit – Novikontas Connect starter kit includes SIM card, information about PIN and PUK codes.

1.11. SIM card activation – SIM card is activated automatically, the first time when it is used by the Subscriber to make a call or send SMS.

1.12. SIM card balance - e-mail account in the Operator's billing system which reflects the amount of Prepayments, which were transferred to this SIM card and the amount of services rendered.

1.13. PIN 1 code – safety code, which consists of four signs, designed to protect the Subscriber's SIM card against unauthorized use.

1.14. PUK 1 code – safety code, which consists of 8 signs, designed to unblock SIM card, in case it was blocked by three times incorrectly entered PIN code 1.

1.15. Rates — price for the communication services, definided by Operator.

1.16. Certified phone - phone, designed to operate in the GSM.

1.17. Billing System – Operators’ automated electronic system for accounting operations to provide telecommunication services and their payment to Subscriber.

1.18. Internet — voluntarily united world system of computer networks, built on the use of the IP protocol and routing of data packets.

1.19. Payer - the owner of the Bank Card, a user, who initiates the order transmission over the Internet to the Bank to transfer funds to pay for telecommunication services through the Internet payment.

1.20. Payer - person, who initiates transfer of funds to pay for telecommunication services.

1.21. Internet payment - payment made by the payer (subscriber) to pay for services through the Internet.

1.22. Website - a set of information resources and controls placed on the Internet at www.novikontasnc.lv.

1.23. Personal account is the connection and administration system of Communication Services created by NC and posted on Website, which provides Subscribers an opportunity to direct access to communication services and management of NC.

2. General rules

2.1. These rules (hereinafter - the Rules) shall govern the provision of telecommunication services and the use of SIM card.

2.2. Operator provides communication services only on a prepayment basis and only prepayment, unless otherwise stated in a separate Agreement concluded between the Operator and the Subscriber. Operator sets SIM card nominal value. The amount of prepayment for funding the account on the Site, set by the Operator.

2.3. Communication services based on prepaid, provided by Operator are not required to enter into a separate written Agreement.

2.4. Rules apply to the Subscriber since the acquisition of SIM card.

2.5. The subscriber is not obliged to renew its Balance after using Prepayments.

2.6. Operator, provides communication services only in those countries that are described in the list of countries on the Website www.novikontasnc.lv.

2.7. Communication services description is provided on Website www.novikontasnc.lv. Operator has the right to amend the description of communication services and these Rules. Information on such changes, in the thirty days prior to their entry into force, will be posted on the Website and at SIM cards sale points.

2.8. Operator has the right to introduce any changes to the rules relating to the advancement of the Subscriber, without much warning.

2.9. Subscriber acquiring SIM card, confirms that he has read and agrees to the Terms and description of Communication Services.

3. Start of service provision, termination and restoration of the provision of communications services

3.1. The Subscriber can use the Service due within one hour from the time of purchase SIM card and entering the PIN 1 code. To use certain telecommunication services, Subscribers may need to perform any additional steps, in accordance with the description of Communication Services (2.7.).

3.2. Operator has the right to interrupt or completely terminate the provision of Communication Services without notice if the Subscriber in case:

3.2.1. Amount of Prepayments on the Balance of Subscriber's SIM card is not sufficient to provide communication services.

3.2.2. Subscriber has received Communication Services in the amount exceeding the amount of prepayments on the Balance of Subscriber's SIM card.

3.2.3. The operator has a reasonable suspicion that the Subscriber uses the communication services for illegal purposes, including for the dissemination of illegal, business information, which is forbidden to send and which relates to intellectual property rights, or is undesirable for its recipients (spam), and so on..

3.2.4. Subscriber's connection number is used to create interference in the Operator's network and/or in the other telecommunication networks or for others Subscribers.

3.2.5. Subscriber's connection number is used for communication flow (traffic) of another operator in the Operator's network or using the Operator's network to other networks.

3.2.6. The subscriber did not use the services within one year from the date of SIM card purchase, or since the last use of Communication Services. In this case, if the operator is not able to get in touch with Subscriber, he is entitled to deactivate the SIM card and connection number to use at its discretion, three months after the expiration of the one-year period.

3.3. In the cases referred to in paragraphs 3.2.1. and 3.2.2., Operator will immediately restore services for Subscriber, after the payment receipt to the SIM card balance.

3.4. In case of cancellation of “Novikontas Connect" Ltd. services on the initiative of the Subscriber, the compensation cost of SIM card or a refund of unused funds from the subscriber's account is not made.

4.Terms of use

4.1. Rights of Subscriber

4.1.1. Receive information about Communication Services, their description and use, quality, tariffs and payment methods. The above information can be obtained online at www.novikontasnc.lv or by calling the telephone support services listed on the site.

4.1.2. In order established by the Operator, the Operator submit written claims and statements about Communication Services.

4.1.3. Writing (or by using identification signs assigned to the Subscriber when registering on the Site, using the resources of the site) to declare to the Operator of a lost or stolen SIM card and ask for its deactivation.

4.1.4. As prescribed by the Law, free receive itemized bill for the used pre-payment.

4.2. Obligations of Subscriber

4.2.1. Use communication services in accordance with the Law and these Rules.

4.2.2. Use only the appropriate specifications and requirements of the legislation equipment (mobile phones). Operator is not responsible for the quality of telecommunication services in the event that the Subscriber does not use appropriate equipment.

4.2.3. In writing (or using identification signs assigned to the Subscriber when registering on the Site, using the resources of the Site) notify the Operator of the loss (including theft) SIM card. Prior to the receipt of such declaration Operator has the right to provide communication services at the expense Subscriber.

4.2.4. Familiarize themselves with these Rules, description of services, tariffs and other information about Communication Services, which are available on the Site.

4.3. Rights of Operator

4.3.1. Operators having warned Subscriber thirty days before has the right: Terminate the provision of any Communication Services or the provision of telecommunications services in a particular area. Carry out the necessary work related to maintenance, network changes and / or equipment, interrupting at the time of such works provision of Communications Services. Modify tariffs, rules and description of Communication Services.

4.3.2. In cases specified in the Rules, discontinue provision of communications services without notice to the Subscriber.

4.3.3. In cases specified in the Rules deactivate SIM card and use the connection number on their own.

4.3.4. By electronic means, send to the connection number assigned to the Subscriber, various kinds of information. Such information is considered binding for the Subscriber and is equivalent to writing of data being sent.

4.4. Obligations of Operator

4.4.1. To provide communication services to the Subscriber in accordance with the rules and requirements of the legislation.

4.4.2. Provide subscribers with an opportunity to view the rules and other information about Communication Services.

4.4.3. Consider the written claim of the Subscriber and provide an answer to it, in accordance with these Rules and the requirements of the legislation.

5.The procedure for handling complaints and disputes

5.1. The operator shall consider and timely in accordance to the Law give a response to the Subscriber's written claims to the discrepancy Telecommunication Services Regulation and / or the description of communication services (customer complaints). In all other cases, the operator shall give the answer for claims and statements of the Subscriber within 30 days of receipt of claims or allegations, if to solve the problem no additional time is required.

5.2. Claims and / or information regarding expenditure Prepaid subscriber has the right to declare the operator no later than three months from the date of last use of telecommunications services and / or at the end of the period for which the user wants to report.

5.3. All disputes between the Operator and the Subscriber shall be settled through negotiation, to start requiring a written statement of the Subscriber. In that case, the solution of the dispute through negotiation is not possible dispute shall be submitted to the court of the Republic of Latvia.

Accepted____________                                         Date: 09.09.2014

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